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Campaign: Azania - South Africa

Below is what I have created for my upcoming campaign. They will be mainly playing in Cape Town in Azania.
- Most of this information has been created by me, as there was not a lot of "cannon" game information in the books. where there was info, I tried to use it as much as possible. (but I also had to make it mine, so...some liberties have been taken).

My questions are what do you think about it, should I change or add anything...or is it a nice starting point for what players would know about the nation and city they live in.

Azania (South Africa):
The Azanian Confederation was formed in 2040 when the Cape Republic, Oranje-Vrystaat, Trans-Swazi Federation, and Zulu Nation decided to combine into one nation.
It fully participates in the Global SIN Registry

The whole central and northern area is on a great plateau
· Northern Azania is almost all rain forest
· Easterly and center Azania is all arid desert
· Center Azania is mostly savannah and scrublands
· Westerly and center Azania is all plainlands
· Southern coast of Azania is varied and mountainous
There are gold mines and diamond mines that give Azania it’s wealth
· It is not uncommon to see slaves and indentured servants
· Generally, the climate is temperate (remember that the seasons are opposite of North America)
· It doesn’t rain often, but when it does, it rains for a long stretch of time.
o This doesn’t include the far northern and the eastern region around Pretoria and Zulu
o This also doesn’t include Cape Town that has a dragon that makes it rain
There are several highways that crisscross the nation (The below are the ones that are still mostly intact and maintained)
· The N1 is the fastest route to and from Cape Town to Pretoria
o The “No-Oners” is a gang that is found between Cape Town and Pretoria and frequently travel the N1 looking for those targets that are easy pickings. They are responsible for smuggling and trafficking the majority of contraband between the cities.
· The N2 is along the south coast from Cape Town
· The N7 will take you north up towards farmlands where it abruptly ends in a crater
· The N12 breaks from the N1 and takes you north through farmlands to the “Central Kalahari Reserve”
o The “Grey Coats” are a gang that operates from where the N12 breaks north, and highway road travel is safe if you pay the tolls that they enforce throughout the stretch. They are not that large though and will stay away from protected targets.
· The N3 will take you to and from Pretoria to New Hlobane
A super railway system runs the entirety on the country, and the main line runs from Cape Town to Pretoria
· It runs semi close to highway N1 (running next to it at a few stretches and runs a couple miles away at others)
· This rail system is protected and well maintained
· It is also instrumental for getting workers, tourists, and cargo between the cities
· English and Afrikaans are tied for the most known/used languages
o English is more prevalent in the large cities and Afrikaans is more prevalent everywhere else
· The second most used language is Portuguese, and the third language is German
· The largest language spoken with in the Wakyambi Elves is Zulu
· After that; it is crime languages (Russian, Italian, Cantonese) and dialects (Swazi, Tsonga, etc.)
Flora and Fauna:
· The biodiversity here is too numerous to list, but all the standard African critters are present
o Awakened creatures are in excess, take a guide or ranger with you
§ Those that stray far from the highways and roads end up missing
Cape Town:

If someone could describe Cape Town in a single sentence it would probably be…
· A land where riches such as diamonds, gold, and uranium spring from the soil like savannah grass, life is still the cheapest of commodities and people are still desperate enough to indenture their offspring to corporate strip mines.
It is not the biggest city in Azania, but it is the most diverse and the capital of the country, as well as being the home to the most elite and powerful creatures in the nation.
Leadership (movers and shakers):
Mujaji (f (dragon) The Rain Queen – Great Feathered Serpent)
Richard Wong (m (dwarf) Mayor)
Jan Vermeer (m (human) CEO of DeBeers-Omnitech ()Diamonds)
Erich Sladek (m (ork) Lone Star Police Chief)
Jabu Goduka (m (human) District Attorney)
Tanya Solari (f (Elf) Ares District Director)
Quinton Lavigne (m (human) Neo-Net District Director)
Steven Mbulo (m (troll) Military General)
Rondo Gibbon (m (dwarf) Shiawase District Director)
Tricia Mika (f (human) Evo District Director)
Newton Buccan (m(ork) Elite – Wealthy Investor)
Cayla Maille (f (human) Elite – Wealthy Philanthropist)
Watha Yol (m (Elf) Elite – Wealthy Investor)
Mabuki Njombo (m (elf) Former “Rain Queen” Shaman)
Luis Barreto (m (human) Pirate/Philanthropist/Humanitarian)
Malcolm Slayton (m (human) Silver Skull Transportation CEO)

Parliament council members:
These are a few of the persons that handle all the nation’s major decisions and also reside in Cape Town.
(where-as not an official member, Mujaji is always welcome when she wants)
Nancy Finch (f (human))
Sarah Tempra (f (dwarf))
Fando Vuyo (m (Elf))
Demetri Olof (m (human))
Elizabeth West (f (human))
Sean Killdeer (m (troll))
Peter Williams (m (human))
Hank Ford (m (ork))

Robben Island:
· Robben Island is an island located on the table shelf and is approximately four miles northwest away at its closest.
o By boat it takes approximately three and a half hours to ferry there, as there are many maritime hazards.
o It is most notably known for the military base and the prison it houses
§ It also has a small airport and community of military family members
Neighborhoods (the bowl):
Those that live in the bowl are not necessarily any better off then those that live in the fringe, they just get away with more.
Some well-known locales:
· Visible from almost anywhere in Capetown, the blue harbor swarms with ships of all flags.
· This is the city’s seaport and despite Mujaji’s attempts, this remains in the hands of pirates and gangs.
· However, with the presence of corporate district offices, there is a common set of unspoken rules that keep trouble to a minimum.
· Victoria Wharf Mega-mall
· Cape Town Customs Office
· Two Oceans Aquarium
Mouilli Point:
· This neighborhood lies west of the waterfront, but still on the coast and lies within the harbor, and it also houses the large stadium (Green Point Stadium) where several sports are played.
· Several elite condominiums and resorts have also been built here.
· Home to upscale fortified gated estates of the super wealthy.
· This is also the home of the largest park in the city.
· Metropolitan Golf Club
· Green Point Stadium
· The Granger Hotel
· This area has seen the most renovation and revitalization in the past decade with an uncountable amount of nuyen poured into it.
· It rivals other large city downtowns like Seattle, Detroit, and Berlin in way of scope and verticality.
· Several large corporations have headquarters or district offices here, as well as housing large mega-mall/apartment complexes.
· Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden (Biotech greenhouse dome)
· Castle of Good Hope
· Cape Town City Municipal Buildings
· Arcade Café (BaClub)
· The Gin Bar (BaClub)
· Publik (Dance Club)
· Quiksotic Train Terminal
· Ares Macrotechnology Capital Building
The Gardens:
· This neighborhood is located south of Mouilli Point and is home to middle/upper-class families and tourists.
· The closer you live to the mountain, the nicer houses you will find, and the closer to the coast you will find apartment complexes.
· This district is also named after its many gardens, botanical works of art, and luxurious fountains.
· Newmark Hotel and Garden
· Protea Zoo
· Stella Varis Garden and Fountain
· South of the Garden along the coast and tucked away from the drek of city life you can find Castlen.
· There are few ways to get to this uber-rich neighborhood and all are closely monitored. There is a stretch for commercial…
· To even work as a servant in this neighborhood, you have to go through a vigorous background check.
· The Crystal Fairway (Golfcourse)
· The Roundhouse (5-star restaurant)
· Bungalow 52 (Dance Club)
· This neighborhood is located south of the downtown district, and has some of the best nightly views, too bad it is overpopulated.
· This area would be the slums of the bowl, with houses practically built adjoining and on top of each other.
· Those with the most money can afford the houses closer to the mountainside and thus upper manses with views.
· De Waal Park (and accompanying Molteno Reservoir)
· Marko’s Killa’ Party (Outdoor Club, Amphitheater)
· The Lions Hotel
Neighborhoods (the fringe and sprawl):
For all the money spending going into the neighborhoods of the “Bowl”, the rest of the sprawl has been left to filth and decay
Some well-known locales:
Lower Addeley:
· East of Waterfront and northeast of Longmarket, the “Low-ady” is mostly industrial shipping and industrial manufacturing
· This is also where the airport is located.
· It has been rebuilt to accommodate leisurely activities.
Far north, is where the dismantling of old ships happens, they are run-a-shore and those that want, get to work on them.
· Cape Town Airport
· Brooklyn Tower “the Brook” (Mega-mall)
· Buffelsfontein Hotel
· This area is actually four neighborhoods that all border each other where the N1 and N7 highways intersect.
· These areas are mostly lower-class poor and industrial neighborhoods, that most choose to forget or look the other way.
· Summer Green: Spearhead Business Park
· Summer Green: Chemira Tek HQ
· Edgemead: De Akker Pub (Bar)
· Edgemead: Cape Town Community College
· Acacia Park: St. John’s Church
· Acacia Park: Maitland Cemetery
· Glenwood: Planet Bar (BaClub)
· Glenwood: N1 City Mega-Mall
· This neighborhood lies east of downtown and is one of the more affluent (but still middle-class) and commercial areas of the fringe.
· It also could be because it is pretty much just a huge bazaar and one can find pretty much anything here for a price.
Tourist and criminals travel these streets and visit these locales.
· Indra (Dance Club)
· Dunn’s Dungeon (BaClub)
· Magica Roma (Bawell known magic shop)
· The largest neighborhood in the fringe, it is located east of Vesperdene and is like a small city in its own right.
· West of the N7 is mostly made up of lower-class apartment complexes and east of the N7 is middle-class suburbanite homes.
There is a downtown that spans the whole distance of the N7 within the boundaries of this area.
· West of N7: Star Holiday Mega-Apartments
· West of N7: Neo-Net Grid Housing
· West of N7: Morningside Mega-Apartments
· East of N7: GrandWest Casino and Resort
· East of N7: Renegades Pub (Bar)
Gugulethu (the Gut):
· This area is located south of Vesperdene and is a slumland.
· Whereas not as bad as Longmarket, it is still the bottom of society and slummy
· Belmont Square (series of Mega-Apartments)
· Cambridge Quart (series of Mega-Apartments)
· Rondebosch Commons (Park)
· This neighborhood is located south of the Pinelands and east of Gugulethu.
· This is also where a lot of gang activity takes place, as does smuggling and black-market importing.
This is a neighborhood where even Lone Star will refuse to go to answer calls of criminal activity.
· Mostly slums and nobody ever goes there to visit
· These are mostly just metal shacks huddled together.

Organized Crime:

Mujaji recently decimated the powerful crime families, in an order to stem their illicit activities, this has left a large power vacuum in the city, that criminals and shadowrunners alike are weighing the options to take. There are three factions that have seemingly survived the “purging” and are vying for control of the cape.
· With the deaths of the boss Anthony Ferraro and underboss Killian O’Neill, the Mafia has been in an inter-political war where the “capos” are struggling to decide on a leader.
o Joseph Ferraro claims he has the greater entitlement to the spot, as his Uncle was the boss.
§ Joe is also rumored to be the richest and rumored to live in the “Castlen” neighborhood.
o Sean O’Neill is demanding he is the rightful heir to command, as he is the son of the underboss.
§ Sean is rumored to control the largest force of mobsters.
o Nicolas Panchini is claiming that it is time for new blood and ideas, as the last regime brought death.
§ Nick makes sure to get any rumors squashed but ask around everyone has ideas.
· The Vory were also decimated and lost a lot of their command; however, they were quick to hash out new leadership quickly; and in doing so have also been able to take territory from the Mafia.
o It is rumored that the new “Prakhan” (leadeboss) is “Vetka Artov”, she used to be the “Obshchak” (security overseer)
§ This is a tall muscular female troll, no one messed with her before, and now even more so…
· The “Blue Lotus” Triad survived and has quickly claimed with force the old Yakuza territories of Vesperdene
o It is rumored that have a powerful backer assisting them.

There are eight main gangs that reside within and battle for neighborhoods; then there are several minor subsidiary gangs that control smaller “blocks” within those larger main gang territories. Below are the gang names and within that will be listed a few minor gangs they control.
· The “Drek-Heads” reside in and claim the northern part of the “Lower Addeley” as their own. It is rumored that the Drak-Heads are being led by Luis Barreto, a rumor that he vehemently denies. And no one has been able to expose this rumor to be the truth.
o The “Scrappers” control the criminal enterprises of “Dismantlers Corner” north of “Lower Addy”.
o The “Picaroons” reside in the “Racine Block” of the “Lower Addy” and are known for carjacking and piracy.
· The “Clowns” used to be part of the largest gang in the entire nation, the “Hard Time Kids”, but a recent schism has wrenched them apart. They are now known as the Clowns and despite the name are just as bad, if not worse than they were. They reside mostly in the “Longmarket” but are found in the “Pinelands” too.
o The “Jesters” reside in the “54th Block” of the western “Pinelands” and are more small-time criminals than anything else.
§ The 54th Block is also the location of the “Morningside Mega-Apartment Complex”
o The “Ha-ha Boys” reside in “Beggar’s Point” in “Longmarket” and are more violent than the clowns.
· The “Harvesters” are mostly found in the Matrix where they steal and extort the common wageworkeslave. Outside of the Matrix they reside in southern “Buisenkant” and deal in counterfeiting, Loansharking, and gambling.
o DotEXE” works for them outside of the bowl and resides in the “Frankfort Block” of Vesperdene.
· The “Tusks” are primarily an ork and troll gang that will sometimes allow those that are not orks and trolls entrance if they prove their worth and dedication to the gang. They reside in within the “Acacia Park” region of the crossroads.
o There are no smaller gangs that work directly for the Tusks.
o The Tusks associate with many gangs and on any given day they could be an ally or an enemy.
· The “Reapers” are the only major gang that requires you to be awakened to join. They mostly deal with the occult and some even call them a cult with their rituals and practices. They reside in “the Gut”, but their influence is felt through-out the entire city by way of the astral realm.
o The “Spirit Guides” are an organization that claims no affiliation with the Reapers, however, most of the known members of the Reapers were once Spirit Guides. The guides are a pseudo religious group that worships astral creatures. They have “lodges” located all over the city. However, unlike the Reapers they will recruit non-awakened.
· The “Draak Elwe” are a group of gang bangers that consider themselves trophy hunters more then a street gang. They call Vesperdene their home, but travel throughout the city and nation hunting the Zulu Wakyambi and other; quote, “over-abundant species’.
o There are no smaller gangs that work directly for the Draak Elwe.
· The “Red Demons” are the city’s resident go-gang. They reside and strike bystanders along the northern part of the N7. This leads to clashes with the Drek-Heads and the scrappers. Lone Star has also upped its manpower in this region, but with an already tight shift of officers working night and day, it has been hardly an improvement.
o The “Speed-Freaks” are a gang that deals with primarily moving cargo safely for a cost. They can be found in any blackmarket where one would need to get things into or out of city limits.
o The “Road-Master” is a gang in his own right, although there are many who take up the mantle of road-master within it this gangs ranks, it is believed that there is an original person, an old shadow-runner, that controls the far northern stretch of N7, by the boarder through military like force. No one has ever seen him or has there been a recent accounting of an attack.
· The “Sisters” were recently run out of Acacia Park and their church, the famous St. John’s Church, by city municipalities and have moved to the “Summer Green” region of the crossroads. They are a religious gang that is all female and is militant and brutal.
o The “Crusaders” are the militant arm of the Sisters and are just as violent and vicious as their historic counterparts.
Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Vaal (Johannesburg):

Northeast of the center of the country you will find the remains of Johannesburg, a once great city is now just a huge slum encircling the inner city reserved for the elites and administrators that run the labor camps.
· This is the largest city in Azania, but that size comes from two cities merging and the vast sprawl that extends from the center
Leadership (movers and shakers):
Marielle Castilione (f (human) Mayor)
Trenton Jobs (m (human) Metro Police Force Chief)
Tandi Izula (m (ork) District Attorney)
Galen Kader (m (human) Saeder-Krup District Director)
Vala Ifu (f (Elf) Neo-Net District Director)
Ganya Ulwazi (m (elf) “King of the Garden” ()lord of the slums)
Malik Basset (m (shapechanger) Prime Minister of Azania)
Nandi Mogayna (m (human) Council of city affairs – Transportation)
Darron Frack (m (Elf) Council of city affairs – Logistics)
Lori Hadel (f (human) Council of city affairs – Human Services)
Zonke Opopa (m (dwarf) Council of city affairs – Safety)
Ingwe Layga (f (human) Council of city affairs – Operations)

Parliament council members:
The Parliament Building can be seen in the very center of the picture above
These are a few of the persons that handle all the nation’s major decisions and also reside in Pretoria.
(where-as not an official member, Mujaji is always welcome when she wants)
Yuko Locke (f (Elf))
Kwanele Nana (f (human))
Lunga Catz (m (human))
Cole Hayland (m (Elf))
Mercy Bennett (f (human))
Jama Mange (m (human))
Kennith Stoyer (m (dwarf))
Maddie Sharp (f (ork))
Ndonsa Endika (f (troll))
Gentry Foster (m (ork))
Eli Wood (m (human))
Nolan Richards (m (human))
Kayla Steward (f (Elf))
Abelo Nowlz (m (human))
Ufasimba Dulaka (m (Elf))
Isabelle Mitchel (f (human))

The neighborhoods are broken into zones, these zones have names associated with them, but can be commonly identified by numbeletter
Zone “A” and “B” are both inside the massive walls, the other six zones are numbers and represent 1/6th of the outer portion of the city, alphabetically.
Zone A – (Randburg – dual inner circles ):
· This is where the elite and rich live, and it is protected as such.
· Most of this part of the city is clean and white
· Travel to and from and even through in some places is closely monitored and check pointed.
There are no ground passageways outside of this zone that lead outside of the walls, that are not heavily monitored.
Zone B – (Johannesburg – outer circle)):
· This where the uppemiddle class and also the servants live.
· Travel through-out this area is as free as any other city, however, there are check points to move outside of the walls.
· Lone Star has a national large headquarters here.
· The largest “Urban Brawl” stadium is located here and spans several city blocks

Starting clock-ways (north) and going around...
Zone One – (Tembisa):
· This is mostly commercial and lower-class to middle-class residents that live in this zone.
· This section is built up and is mostly made up of multi-story buildings and well-kept streets.
Those that visit Pretoria for work or pleasure will often stay here if they cannot afford the inner circles.
Zone Two – (Kempton Park):
· Mostly lower-class residential, and unmaintained parks dot this zone with habitation.
· This glorified slum is not as densely populate as zone 04 or 05, and as such, the shacks are a little more well build and most are built on a stone/brick foundation and have a second or third story.
· The further you get away from the city This zone is farmland.
Zone Three – (Alberton):
· One can find mostly slums and industrial parks here, it is not uncommon for large caliber weaponry to be brandished here with no repercussions.
· For a price though, you can rent personal security while there.
· The “king” controls this zone as well and has his own personal security force that he employs to keep the peace.
Zone Four – (Soweto):
· This cesspit and slum, is also the largest zone, and extends out to the Driefontein Mine
· This zone is controlled by slums Ganya Ulwazi, the self-proclaimed “King of the Slums”. As such no work gets done without his approval and assistance.
· This zone is mostly comprised of tightly condensed shacks.
Zone Five – (Roodepoort):
· This is all lower-class with a few strips of slumlands near the south
· This zone is mostly farmland and that land acts as a barrier from the slum of zone 04 and the nicer zone 06.
· Parts of the southern region and the farmlands of this zone are controlled by the “King” and his “Pretorian Guard”
· It is crucial that the food crops are maintained and defended.
Zone Six – (Steyn City):
· One of the smaller zone, it is sandwiched between Pretoria and “The Cradle Game Reserve”
· It has some of the best gardens in any of the outer zones and a lower-class population that works diligently to keep and maintain the look. However, they do not take kindly to visitors or tourist.
· Everyone here feels a duty to pitch in and help out.

Organized Crime:
· Most of the criminal activities are handled by the gangs of Pretoria
o They constantly work together to make sure not one gang gets too big to take control, and this is all rumored to be orchestrated by one man. The “King of the Slums”
o There is a rumor that this is enhanced by the vast wealth exchanging hands and no one wanting to rock the boat
· The Metropolitan Police Force is also a well-paid elite subsidiary of Lone Star and does its best to keep crime to a minimum throughout the city and the subsequent zones.

There are three main gangs within the city of Pretoria and one that plies in criminal activities but rumored for the good of the people…sort of like the old stories of Robinhood.
· The “Hard Time Kids” reside in Alberton (Zone 03) and are the original gang before the schism that broke the most powerful into the two most powerful and largest in their respected cities.
o The “Bucket Brothers
· The “Tusks” that reside within Pretoria are a colony gang that broke away when those from Cape Town started allowing non-ork and non-trolls into their ranks. They reside in Styen City (zone 06)
o Like their counterparts, they are too violent to work with any minor gangs for too long.
· The “Stutzer” are a white only branch of the Humanist Poli-club that works exclusively in South Africa. They reside mostly in Kempton Park (zone 02). They attack everyone that isn’t human and white.
o The “5th Reich” is a German only branch of the Stutzer and a lot of members are in both gangs, you must speak German as a natural language and be able to trace your lineage. It is rumored that they are the ones that are actually in command.
· The “Pretorian Guard” are as much a gang as any other group of misfit criminals. They reside primarily in Soweto (zone 04), but their reach extends all the way into the capital and inner circle. They act as defenders of the people more than violent hoodlums.
o The king is a Wakyambi (elf) and is believed to have been in the city before everything went down 60+ years ago. Thus, he has a lot of pull and influence within the city and its residence.
Zulu Nation:

Far to the east along the coast is the home of the Zulu tribal Nation of Elves. Visitors need to get special permits to travel past their boarders into their capital of New Hlobane; and even if you are an elf your chances are not good. There are even Wakyambi that are not even allowed to enter. Being banished is a fate worse than death to most nationals.
The N3 is the highway that cuts through the capital of New Hlobane
Leadership (movers and shakers):
Celogal Xanth (m (elf) Prince)
Eragor Kant (m (elf) National Military General)
Larry Walker (m (elf) Chief City Relation Advisor)
Arien Lace (f (elf) Chief Royal Attendant)
Grant Evans (m (human) Pretoria Diplomat and Ambassador)
Yalaris Moot (f (elf) Cape Town Diplomat and Ambassador)
Camanchi (f (shapechanger) Willowton District Alderman)
Wami Chundo (m Lincoln Meade District Alderwoman)
Olas Munga (m (elf) Loop District Alderman)
Reidrey Hado (m (ork) Downtown District Alderman)
Eris Jalamba (f (elf) Clarendon District Alderwoman)
Popau Lolula (m (elf) Scottsville District Alderman)

These areas are broken into districts that each have a representative on the “High Seats” these members along with the price oversee the affairs and direction that the city will take.
· Willowton
o This district is northeast of the loop and is comprised mostly of industrial factories and the slums that surround them. When one pictures slums, they picture Cape Town’s Longmarket or Pretoria’s Soweto neighborhoods, but this would be more like lower-class in those cities. The nation of Zulu prides itself on maintaining their empire.
· Lincoln Meade
o This district is located east of the loop and is comprised of middle-class families and large parkland, that of which rivals the loop. It is one of the newer districts and is still in development, thus the lush natural aesthetics that still remain.
· Loop
o The Loop is the district that binds all the other districts together, it is at the center of the city and all the major roadways converge in this area. It also has the most parks and gardens of any other district.
· Downtown
o This district is northwest of the loop and is all larger buildings and vertical gardens. The city is surrounded by an unrelenting jungles with many unpleasant creatures and this makes it hard for farmers to keep land safe. So downtown has become the largest food depository in all of the nation. At least 2/3rds of all the high rises have some sort of agriculture built into them.
· Clarendon
o This district is located north-northeast of downtown and is mostly middle-class single-family homes broken into suburbs. Most of the working class live in this zone and the houses are the oldest in the city.
· Signal Hill
o This district is west of downtown and the loop and is a gated community and a small town in unto itself. It is also where the royal family lives in their castle and surrounding them are the uber-elite mansions.
· Scottsville
o This district is located south of the loop and is includes mostly tightly packed lower-class suburbs and a few middle-class houses sprinkled throughout the area of those that haven’t moved out yet. This district also has the most apartment complexed save for downtown.

Organized Crime:
· It is alleged that technically there is no organized crime within the Zulu nation. This is speculated with rumors and whispers that the Zulu nation is in fact a criminal organization that actually controls the nation.
· This conspiracy theory is backed by stories of Zulu nationals in other parts of the country intertwined within other criminal networks.

· The “Pack” is the only one main gang within the city boundaries and it likes to keep it that way. They are rumored to be unofficial defenders and protectors of the city and the nation. They can be found throughout the whole nation.
o It is mostly comprised of shapeshifters and unbound spirits
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Venue: GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World, 1 Jakes Gerwel Dr, Goodwood, Cape Town Tel : 021 505 7777 Email: [email protected] Website: Facebook: GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World Twitter: GrandWestSA. SEE WHAT ELSE IS ON IN CAPE TOWN NORTH. You may also be interested in. Acrobranch; Ice Skating; The Magic Company; Ten Pin Bowling; 1+ Facebook ... About GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World. Cape Town is the Mother City of South Africa and the Western Cape, known and loved for its fun vibe and relaxed ambience. As a result of this buzz, Cape Town has become a hot spot for all things entertaining, as well as an important corporate and cultural travel destination. GrandWest Casino and ... GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World has plenty to offer visitors, and this summer there’s an exciting line-up of events and things to do that you don’t want to miss! Here are some highlights. Updated 3 January 2020. The ABBA show. Sing along to all the hits at the Grand Arena on 18 January 2020. The world’s premier ABBA tribute show is coming to Cape Town for one night only, direct ... A building steeped in the history and culture of the Cape, GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World was built to pay homage to the land and sea. It’s façade is a testament to true, historic Cape architecture, while the inside is an ode to Cape Town’s maritime tradition, introducing you to the enchanting Tavern of the Seas . Grand West Casino in Kapstadt Spielcasino und Unterhaltungszentrum in Goodwood bei Kapstadt. Grand West Casino in Goodwood bei Kapstadt 2000 mit viel Tamtam eröffnet, gilt das Grand West Casino in Goodwood (Vanguard Drive, Tel.: (021) 505-7777, z.Zt. als das größte seiner Art im Südlichen Afrika. Die Gebäude sind dem Baustil des Kapstadt um 1900 (viele Gebäudereplika aus dem District Six ... Located on Vanguard Drive in Goodwood, Cape Town, GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World is considered one of the best casinos in the country, and certainly the biggest and best in the city. The casino hosts 2,500 slot machines and 78 premium table games which run 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Customers are treated to ultra modern amenities such as the largest underfloor casino air ... Find a Las Vegas scale casino right here in Cape Town at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World. If you’re feeling lucky, try your hand at the professional table games for beginner and professional players, or spin the night away at one of many slot machines. Roulette is also always a frequent favourite among guests. About Gambling At Grand West Casino. Grand West Casino and Entertainment World in Cape Town certainly has something exciting for everyone. As you arrive and find a parking spot you will notice a grand entrance, a beautiful fountain, a fascinating castle with a moat and an old ship. GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World in Cape Town Open from 08h30 to 20h00 , seven days a week, GrandWest in Cape Town is the largest entertainment destination of its kind in South Africa. Offering smoking and non-smoking gaming facilities, GrandWest is the perfect destination for non-stop excitement and entertainment .

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Sun Vision GrandWest Cape Town's Entertainment ...

Music video by Kurt Darren, Ray Dylan, Heinz Winckler performing Pretty Woman Medley (Live at Grand West Casino, Cape Town, 2013) (Live). (C) 2013 Sony Music... Music video by Kurt Darren, Ray Dylan, Snotkop, Nicholis Louw, Heinz Winckler, Elizma Theron performing Crowd Medley (Live at Grand West Casino, Cape Town, 2... GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World - Topic About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Come down to GrandWest and explore the fun filled entertainment and activities with your family. From Casino to ice skating to wonderful eateries to select f... CAPE TOWN, 2015/08/15, Choir Festival namely the Achoired Taste 2015 held at Grandwest Casino, featuring the Stellenbosch Liberates Choir, Cape Town Youth Ch... Grand West Casino and Entertainment World Travel Video - A recreation of the historic establishment that used to grace the main stre... GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World has unveiled a new water treatment plant that will allow the popular destination, which is run by the Sun Internatio... The Used play "Own My Own" live at the GrandWest Casino in Cape Town. 8 August 2011 © Reprise Music All rights belong to the Used. My cell cam footage of Deftones playing 'Change' live at Grandwest Casino in Cape Town, South Africa on 8 August 2013. This was an amazing show! Defnitely on...