The New James Bond: The 6 Best 007 Contenders

Both James Bond and Superman are iconic characters of the UK and USA respectively, both being seen as representatives of their nations identities. With that in mind I've found it interesting the connections between The Bond film franchise and the Superman films. In 1978, Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die & The Man with the Golden Gun director Guy Hamilton was originally slated Casino Royale is an origin story of a different breed. In this final beat, as Monty Norman's original James Bond theme kicks in, 007 lords over his victim and assumes his role as a spy icon. But James Bond's 007 status is legendary, but few know the origin of how he gained his "00" designation or how its meaning has changed over time.Bond has become synonymous with "007" - those three numbers that denote his famous license to kill. It's strange to think of a time when the iconic spy operated without it, but believe it or not, both the Bond of literature and film were once just regular Another relatively unknown 007 screen tester who's gone on to heroic heights is Henry Cavill.According to the ultimate Bond fan site,, "Casino Royale" director Martin Campbell Casino Royale is the deadliest James Bond movie for the Bond Girls, with not one of the three who are introduced surviving the film. Directed by Martin Campbell, 2006's Casino Royale saw Daniel Craig debut as 007 in an origin story based upon the first Bond novel written by Ian Fleming. Further, Casino Royale was a total reboot of the James Bond movie canon; Craig's 007 exists in a separate Beyond Bond: Sean Connery's 14 Most Memorable Non-007 Film Roles A look back at the Scotsman's storied career outside of the James Bond franchise. "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" (1959) Not content with playing just Superman, Cavill also fancies himself as the next 007. He’s got the action chops, certainly. You don’t play Superman without getting a good workout and a lead role in The Witcher has certainly seen him get a sweat on. Cavill’s closest role to date was in Guy Ritchie’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E and he was reportedly second choice to Daniel Craig for Casino Superman actor Henry Cavill reveals how the role of James Bond in 'Casino Royale' helped his career despite not landing the job.

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